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Aggregate Tool for aggregating CIDR networks
Fake Script that allows backup servers to be switched in as required.
Iproxy Tunnell TCP protocols over UDP
Ldirectord Monitors and administers real servers in a LVS cluster of load balanced virtual servers.
Kexec Soft-Reboot and Crash-Dump Analysis for Linux and Xen.
PAM Cucipop Unofficial patches to cucipop to add PAM support, connection limiting and fix various bugs.
Perdition Mail Retrieval Proxy
Perdition PBS Perdition PBS is a set of tools to provide POP before SMTP for any POP and SMTP server.
Radius Authentication, authorisation and configuration daemon.
Randomise Reads input of arbitrary length and returns a pseudo-randomly selected line.
Super Sparrow Global Load Balancing Solution for Linux.
Ultra Monkey High Availability and Load Balancing Solution for Linux.
VAnessa Umbrella project for various things that don't fit anywhere else.

Papers and Presentation

Embedded Kernel Back-Porting A look at the motivation for and challenges in back-porting code from mainline to production kernels in the context of consumer electronics. Methods used by the presenter to producing such back-ports will also be discussed. The presentation is intended for those interested in details of how back-ports may be created. An understanding of patches, git, and the Linux Kernel development process would be an advantage.
An Introduction to Open vSwitch A brief presentation made introducing Open vSwitch.
June 2011, October 2010, January 2012
SH-Mobile ARM zboot Presentation on work done to allow booting Linux directly on the SH-Mobile ARM platform.
May 2011, January 2011
Recent Developments in LVS A brief presentation made at Netfilter Workshop 2010 examining developments in LVS since the release of the 2.5.35 kernel.
October 2010
Network Bandwidth Isolation Looking at ways to control guest bandwidth usage in virtualised environments.
September 2010, August 2010, November 2008
Multi-Function PCI Pass-Through For Xen Examination of enhancements to Xen's PCI pass-through support including multi-function device support.
January 2010, October 2009
Kexec: Soft-Reboot and Crash-Dump Alalysis for Linux and Xen Presentation descibing Kexec and how it can be used as the basis of a Crash-Dump analysis system for both Linux and Xen.
January 2007
SSL and TLS An Overview of A Secure Communications Protocol
April 2005
Debian Kernel and its Team An overview of the Debian Kernel and its team
April 2005
Active-Active Servers and Connection Synchronisation for LVS Combination of the Active-Active and Connection Synchronisation papers.
January 2004
LVS Tutorial Tutorial on LVS and related tools.
July 2003
LVS Presentation - June 2003 Presentation covering LVS fundamentals, tuning and recent enhancements.
July 2003
Active-Active Paper on creating Active-Active servers.
March 2003, revised November 2003
perdition: Mail Retrieveal Proxy Paper outling the features of Perdition and its practical applications.
January 2003
Connection Synchronisation Paper enhancements made to LVS's Connection Synchronisation code.
November 2002, revised November 2003
iproxy: Running TCP Services Over UDP and Configuration of Networked Devices Using iproxy iproxy is comprised of a client-side proxy and a server-side proxy that allows arbitrary TCP/IP services to run over Broadcast, Multicast or Unicast UDP. It was originally conceived as a method to configure servers that had not been given an IP address on the LAN using an web-based interface.
January and February 2002
Disk-Less Linux with Intel Lan Desk Brief discussion on diskless nodes using motherboards with Intel Lan Desk
February 2002
Globally  Distributed Content Discussion of the motivation and implementation of Super Sparrow a globabl load balancer that uses BGP.
November 2001
Mapping The Internet Short paper on using BGP to map the Internet.
February 2001
Creating Linux Web Farms Examination of various methods and forthcoming technologies for building your very own web farm.
November 2000
Administering Linux Using CVS Discussion of using CVS to impart version control on configuration files for the Linux Operating System.
February 1999
High Availability Server Content Under Linux Discussion of various ways to create redundant content under linux with emphasis on making a redundant HTTP server.
October 1998

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