PAM Cucipop

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PAM Cucipop

provides various patches for The Cucipop POP3 daemon.


PAM Cucipop currently available as a patch and in RPM format. The RPMs includes cucipop-1.31 and the patches. These are available from the download directory.

cucipop-1.31.tar.gz Cucipop itself.
Also available from the original site
cucipop-1.31-pam.patch Patch to allow cucipop to use PAM.
cucipop-1.31-pam-rhost.patch Set the pam rhost item.
cucipop-1.31-segfault.patch Fixes a segmentation fault that occurs if a mailbox has nx16 messages, n >=1.
cucipop-1.31-connection_limit.patch Adds the ability to limit the number of simultaneous connections.
cucipop-1.31-log-peer.patch Patch to log the source IP address so cucipop can be used in conjunction with pop before SMTP systems such as Perdition BPS and DRAC.
cucipop-1.31-8.src.rpm Source RPM for cucipop that includes all of the patches above.
cucipop-1.31-8.i386.rpm Binary i386 RPM compiled on Red Hat 7.2.

The files below have been contributed to this project but have not been verified by this project. These are available from the contrib directory.

contrib/PLD/cucipop-1.31-8.src.rpm Source RPM for cucipop that includes all of the patches above, modified for Polish Linux Distribution (PLD) by Slawomir Stuglik.
contrib/PLD/cucipop-1.31-8.i586.rpm Binary i586 RPM compiled on Polish Linux Distribution (PLD) by Slawomir Stuglik.

The patches on this page are not part of the official Cucipop distribution. Please email problems found with these patches to Horms <> and not the maintainers of Cucipop.

Copyright Notice: While cucipop itself is Shareware (of sorts, see licence for details), the pam, connection limit, pam rhost and log host patches are under the GNU LGPL and the segfault patch is Freeware. The copyright for all code is held by their respective authors, S.R. van den Berg for cucipop, Horms for the PAM, connection limit patches and log host, Dirk Nehring for the segfault patch and Stefanita Vilcu for the pam rhost patch.

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