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iproxy is designed to enable networked devices to be configured without prior knowledge of their network setup. This is intended to aid initial setup, where a network device is deployed on a customer's network. It is desirable for the customer to be able to configure the device without the need for DHCP infrastructure or console access of any kind.

iproxy allows the configuration to be done using existing TCP based administrative interfaces developed for the device, such as web-based configuration tools. Thus iproxy can be integrated seamlessly into the existing management framework for a device.

As iproxy allows arbitraty TCP services to be carried over Broadcast, Unicast and Multicast UDP it potenitally has many applications beyond the scope of network device configuration.


White Paper: Configuration of Networked Devices using iproxy
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Long Paper: iproxy: Running TCP services over UDP
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Code: tarball, CVS.

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