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What is Vanessa?

Vanessa is a collection of libraries that have been developed while working on a number of projects including perdition.

libvanessa_socket Simplifies TCP/IP socket operations. It includes code to open a socket to a server as a client, to listen on socket for clients as a server and to pipe information between sockets.
Latest Version: 0.0.13, 14th June 2015.
libvanessa_adt Provides Abstract Data Types (ADTs) Includes queue, dynamic array, hash and key value ADT.
Latest Version: 0.0.9, 8th June 2010.
libvanessa_logger Provides a generic logging layer that may be used to log to one or more of syslog, an open file handle or a file name. Though due to to limitations in the implementation of syslog opening multiple syslog loggers doesn't makes sense. Includes the ability to limit which messages will be logged based on priorities.
Latest Version: 0.0.10, 24th July 2010.
libvanessa_mcast Abstraction of a multicast socket and helper functions to open, close read from and write to a multicast socket
Latest Version: 1.0.0, 22nd December 2003. ChangeLog

How to get Vanessa

Download Released versions
Mercurial Repository The latest development versions


Author For questions, bug reports or any other correspondence please contact the author, Horms <horms at verge dot net dot au>.
vanessa_logger 0.0.1 String Format Bug: vanessa_logger 0.0.1, a string-format bug. Please upgrade to at least 0.0.2. Details.

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