Super Sparrow: Global Load Balancing Solution for Linux [Sparrow]
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Super Sparrow enables users to load balance traffic between geographically separated points of presence by finding the site network-wise closest to clients. This is done by accessing BGP routing information, the information that determines the path that traffic will take on the internet.

Super Sparrow forms part of VAnessa. Super Sparrow is designed to work with other components of VAnessa, including Ultra Monkey.

Key Features:


Each release contains comprehensive documentation on the software included, the technologies used and how to configure a sample network.

  • Super Sparrow 0.0.0
    Initial Release 9th January 2001


    Gloabally Distributed Content is a paper on the technology behind Super Sparrow and and its implementation.


    Wide-area load balancing: Article in Network World Fusion about Super Sparrow. 21st February 2001

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