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Perdition is a fully featured POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server. It is able to handle Plain-Text, SSL and TLS connections and connect end-users to a real-server based on a database lookup. Perdition supports modular based database access. The API for modules is open, allowing arbitrary modules to be written to allow access to any data store.

Perdition has many uses. Including, creating large mail systems where an end-user's mailbox may be stored on one of several hosts, integrating different mail systems together, migrating between different email infrastructures, and bridging plain-text, SSL and TLS services. It can also be used as part of a firewall.

Presented at Linux.Conf.Au, January 2003.

Paper (English): html, postscript, PDF, latex source.
Paper (Japanese): PDF,
Slides: postscript, PDF, latex source.

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