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Debian Kernel Roundup
A look at the status of packaging the Linux kernel in Debian. This presentation will give an outline of the packaging changes that were introduced into as of 2.6.12, the status of security updates, the new and wonderful ways of the initrd generators, and some ideas on where the kernel is going for Etch. It will also look in some detail at how deveopers can use the new unified packaging system.
Presented at: Debian Mini-Conf at Linux.Conf.Au, Dunedin, New Zealand, January 2006
Slides: PDF, latex source.


The information in the presentation below is now somewhat out of date, especially anything that refers to Sid which has marched on at a rapid pace since the release of Sarge. It does however contain some useful information about DFSG and firmware issues, patch acceptance policy, and packaging details for Sarge.
Debian Kernel and its Team
At the heart of Debian GNU/Linux is the Linux Kernel. This is arguably one of the largest and most complicated pieces of software on any GNU/Linux system. It also has a very active development process, with thousands of developers contributing to both the upstream kernel and providing their own patches and ports in various shapes and forms. The role of the Debian Kernel Team is to take this work and make it accessable to Debian users.

This presentation covers what I as a member of the Debian Kernel Team look for when accepting or rejecting changes to the Debian Kernel. What kernels will go in Sarge and its updates, and what kernels are being made available in unsable. The general the direction that I see the team taking the Debian Kernel. And most importantly, how people can get involved and help in the process.

Presented at: Asia Debian Mini-Conf, Beijing, March 2005
Debian Mini-Conf at Linux.Conf.Au, Canberra, April 2005
Slides: postscript, PDF, latex source.


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