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Perdition Manual Pages

Like all good programs, the primary source of documenation for perdition is man pages. They are installed with perdition. You can access these using the man command. For example man perdition.

perdition(8) Perdition itself
perditiondb(5) Perdition database map modules
makebdb(1) Utility to manipulate Berkely DB maps
makegdbm(1) Utility to manipulate GDBM maps
perditiondb_ldap_makedb(8) Utility to initialise LDAP map
perditiondb_mysql_makedb(8) Utility to initialise MySQL map
perditiondb_odbc_makedb(8) Utility to initialise ODBC map
perditiondb_postgresql_makedb(8) Utility to initialise PostgreSQL map

Perdition FAQ

FAQ Answers to questions that are not documented elsewhere.

Contributed Perdition Documents

Configuring Perdition Proxy Software to Use an Existing LDAP Server Detailed instructions on using Perdition's LDAP module.
Richard L. Holbert

Papers on Perdition

perdition: Mail Retreiveal Proxy Paper outling the features of perdition and its practical applications.
Horms, January 2003
High Capacity Email Paper discussing how to scale email systems. The proposed solution makes use of perdition.
Horms, November 1999

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