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A complete list of changes is available in the changelog provided by the Git Repository.

Overview of Releases


Key changes since 2.1:

  • Allow ciphersuites which offer forward secrecy
  • Allow configuration of SSL/TLS min and max protocol versions
  • Allow configuration of SSL/TLS compression option
  • Allow configuration of SSL/TLS server preference option
  • Allow compilation against OpenSSL 1.1
2.1 This is a bugfix release.

Key changes since 2.0:

  • Apply configured ciperhsuite preferences for outpand connections. This is a fix for for CVE-2013-4584.
  • Use 1.0 as the managesieve version
2.0 This is the culmination of the 1.19-rc series of releases. A decision has been made to name the release 2.0 instead of 1.19 as there are significant changes since the release of 1.18 including support for a new protocol, managesieve.

Key changes since v1.19-rc5:

  • Correct base64 calculation errors that resulted in managesieve authentication failing in some circumstances.
  • Use "imap" instead of "imap2" as default port for IMAP protocol
1.19-rc5 Key changes since 1.19-rc4:
  • ldap: fix segmentation fault in dbserver_get2()
  • Manage-sieve: Fix handling of plain login which would segmentation fault in some cases
  • Manage-sieve: Fix handling of long authentication hashes
  • Enhance --bind_address option parsing to handle IPv6 addresses
  • Fix 8/4byte integer type miss-matches which may lead to undefined behaviour
1.19-rc4 Key changes since 1.19-rc3:
  • Fix parsing of NIS maps
  • Fix a segmentation fault on start-up when the bind_address configuration option is used.
  • Fix handling of the debug and quiet options when specified a configuration file
  • Building without PAM libraries installed
  • Documentation enhancements
1.19-rc3 This release fixes several problems. Perhaps most significantly, Thunderbird 3.1 can now re-connect to perdition SSL/TLS.
1.19-rc2 This fixes a bug in perdition whereby it will exit very early on when run in managesieve mode if the default capability is used.
1.19-rc1 I'm happy to announce the release of 1.19-rc1.

This includes numerous bug fixes and support for the manage sieve protocol.

6th July 2010

1.18 After a very long time since the release of 1.17 I'm very happy to announce the release of perdition 1.18.

There have been numerous changes since 1.17, perhaps the most significant being IPv6 support. The only change since 1.18-rc3 was a minor build fix.

27th November 2009

1.18-rc3 Fix problems relating to IPv6 connections failing on FreeBSD and OpenSolaris and also on Linux if either the real-server or end user used IPv4. Make sure that the IMAPv4 STARTLS command is enabled when configured. Fixed various packaging and build problems.

19th October 2009

1.18-rc2 Fix a problem in the LDAP library whereby user, host and port information was never returned. Add authenticate_timeout configuration. And various rpm and deb packaging fixes.

25th September 2009

1.18-rc1 After a long hiatus a new release-candidate for a new version of perdition is available.

There have been numerous changes since 1.17.1, perhaps the most significant being IPv6 support.

3rd September 2009

1.17.1 This is a bug-fix release to address a security concern, CVE-2007-5740[offsite]. The announcement of the bug, including a description is here[offsite].

In short, there is a deficiency in the code that perdition has to protect itself from string format bugs. This means that by an embeded null characters in an IMAP tag supplied by an attacker may allow the attacker to execute arbitary code on the machine running perdition as the user that is running perdition.

By default perdition runs as user nobody, which may help to mittigate the effects that any code an attacker executes may have.

This problem affects IMAP and its SSL/TLS variant. All users who run perdition in IMAP modes are advised to upgrade.

It is not believed that it affects POP or its SSL/TLS variant.

Perdition 1.17.1 fixes this problem by verifying that tags supplied by end-users are valid. It also includes some other fixes for problems which have been tested in in Debian.

31st October 2007

1.17 This is the first release of perdition in over a year. It includes lots of updates, of particular note; A potential buffer overflow in the Berkely DB module has been fixed. The LDAP module can now use arbitary URLs if compiled against OpenLDAP 2.0.0 or newer. All asyncrhonous IMAP messages are now passed back to the end-user. The level to which add_domain pears down a domain is configurable. And SSL now works in inetd mode.

22nd June 2005

1.15 Minor packaging changes. LDAP Fix included in 1.15beta1.
27th May 2004
Fixes a problem with the return value from an LDAP popmap lookup that may causes various problems including a bogus username when username_from_database is in effect.

17th April 2004

1.14 Various minor bug fixes and feature enhacements. In particular pid file creation on FreeBSD (and possibly others) has been fixed. A segmentation fault problem in the ldap module has been resolved. And enhanced logging.

2nd April 2004

Various minor bug fixes and feature enhacements. In particular pid file creation on FreeBSD (and possibly others) has been fixed. A segmentation fault problem in the ldap module has been resolved. And enhanced logging. It is intended that this beta will become the 1.14 release, unchanged, if not problems are found. Users are encouraged to test this beta.

23rd March 2004

1.13 Fixes a critical bug in 1.12 that prevented the outgoing_server option from working - perdition would segmentation fault if this option was selected. Also includes some minor documentation and build fixes. Users are strongly recomended to upgrade to 1.13 if they are using 1.12.

19th December 2003

1.12 It has been too long between drinks so I have released perdition 1.12. This contains mainly bug-fixes. The new feature of most note is a module to allow database queries to be sent to a daemon. This allows arbitrary popmap databases to be built programatically.

15th December 2003

1.11 Building on a long series of beta releases, 1.11 includes numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements over the previous stable release. New features of paricular note are a Berkely DB module, STARTTLS support, support for more sophisticated LDAP URLs and greatly enhanced handling of SSL/TLS.

6th June 2003

1.11beta8 (offline) This beta should be considered a release candidate for 1.11. It includes a number of bug fixes including, fixing the capability comand for POP3S, resolution of segmentation fault when using long usernames and the query_key, fixes to LDAP URL parsing and resolution of a segmentation fault in the ODBC module.

18th April 2003

1.11beta7 (offline) This beta should be considered a release candidate for 1.11. It includes a number of minor bug fixes.

26th March 2003

1.11beta5 (offline) This beta should be considered a release candidate for 1.11. It includes a fix to allow the return of a real-server's response to a login attempt to work correctly with IMAP.

12th February 2003

1.11beta4 (offline) This beta should be considered a release candidate for 1.11. It includes a fix for a problem whereby if a client disconnects imediately after a new connection is recieved then perdition may exit. This problem occurs sporadically, usually under situations of high load.

7th February 2003

1.11beta3 (offline) This beta should be considered a release candidate for 1.11. It builds cleanly on Debian GNU/Linux (Sid) and Red Hat 8.0. People are encouraged to test the build on other targets, particularly Sun Solaris.

This beta features improved handling of the verification of real-servers and minor build clean-ups for building without SSL.

10th January 2003

1.11beta2 (offline) This beta release builds on 1.11beta1. It should be considered a release candidate for 1.11. The most significant change is a fix to the handling of the POP3 CAPA command, which was incorrectly implemented in 0.1.11beta1. There have also been some minor build and packaging fixes.

8th January 2003

1.11beta1 (offline) This beta release builds on 0.1.10 with many bug fixes and new features. Of particular note is support for RFC2529 TLS connections, a greatly LDAP module and a Berkely DB module.

27th December 2002

0.1.10 This release has many improvements over 0.1.9 as reflected by the long 0.1.10 beta series. Of particular note: Better handling of SSL connections. Handling of IMAP String Litterals. Addition of ODBC module. IMAP Capability String may be specified at run time.

17th May 2002

0.1.10beta4 (offline) Fix for IMAP String Literals. Added no_daemon option. And a fix to libvanessa_socket to correclty handle reciept of a sig child on Solaris.

11th May 2002

0.1.10beta3 (offline) Improved debuging messages for SSL and resolver problems and the addition of support for IMAP String litereals.

30th April 2002

Added ODBC module and query keys which allow a flexible way to define what keys are used to perform queries to determine which server to use.

19th April 2002

0.1.10beta1 (offline) In keeping with my intention to release 0.1.10, I have released the first beta.

14th March 2002

0.1.9 Added SSL support, updated logging semantics, added add_domain option and fixed format string problems.

29th June 2001

0.1.8 Resolved Linking problems in MySQL, PostgresSQL and LDAP map lookup libraries. Added -U|--username_from_database option to control the use of servernames of the form user<delimiter>domain. Fixed parsing code to correctly handle whitespace and quotes during authentication phase.

9th May 2001

0.1.7 Resolved numerous Solaris compule problems. Conversations between perdition and clients may be logged for debugging. Running perdition.pop3 and perdition.imap4 now automatically runs perdition in POP3 or IMAP4 mode respectively. Fixed installation problems with Red Hat packages.

5th April 2001

0.1.6 Includes support for popmaps to be stored in LDAP and NIS. Internals ported to use the Vanessa Libraries

9th January 2001

0.1.5 Includes support for popmaps to be stored in a PostgreSQL database. This compleiments MySQL, Posix Regular Expression and GDBM popmap support.

2nd May 2000

0.1.4 Added functionality so a map can give an answer that includes the username to connect to the backend server with, Regex maps now support backrefereances. There are also minor build tidy ups for FreeBSD 3.4 and slackware.

15th April 2000

0.1.3 Includes configuration file support, TCP/IP functions broken out into a library, arbitrary library based map access, more sophiticated loging, Solaris support and more.

8th February 2000

0.1.2 Ignores \" during authentication. This seemed to be causing problems in IMAP4 mode for some clients.

14th November 1999

0.1.1 Includes default server support, option to stip domain from username, and configurable, multi-character user-domain delimiter support. Please note that several command-line options have changed meaning between verion 0.1.0 and 0.1.1.

10th November 1999

0.1.0 Incudes many changes and bug fixes including IMAP4 support and optional end-user server and port specification.

12th October 1999

0.0.0 Initial Release

29th May 1999

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