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To check out perdition from the Mercurial repository use the following command.
hg clone http://hg.vergenet.net/perdition/perdition
To build do the following:
cd perdition
./autogen.sh [--prefix=/usr]

For further installation instructions see the INSTALL file, that will be present in the perdition directory once autogen has finished. Please be aware that some of the functionality of perdition has been broken out into three libraries. libvanessa_adt, libvanessa_logger and libvanessa_socket so they can be used by other projects.

To get these libraries use the following:

hg clone http://hg.vergenet.net/vanessa/vanessa_logger
hg clone http://hg.vergenet.net/vanessa/vanessa_socket
hg clone http://hg.vergenet.net/vanessa/vanessa_adt

For each library cd into the directory, run ./autogen.sh and make as per perdition.

perdition-pbs can be checked out by substituding perdition-pbs for perdition in the above commands.

web-based mercurial repository viewer: perdition, perdition-pbs, vanessa_logger, vanessa_socket, vanessa_adt,

Historical Notice

Perdition and related libraries were maintained in CVS on SourceForge.Net for many years. In August 2008 the repositories were moved to Mercurial and the CVS repositories are no longer maintained.

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