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Pop Map

The pop map is analogous to the aliases file and user_map used to multiplex incoming mail on a per-user basis. The pop map determines the server to which each user will be directed once they have connected to perdition. The format is;

<username>:<hostname|ip address>[:<port number|service name>]


To build the pop map into a binary format makegdbm, which is provided as part of perdition is used. To rebuild the pop map run:

makegdbm popmap.db < popmap

At this stage there is no support in perdition for more general rules as are used for the multiplexing of incoming mail in sections 2.3 and 2.5. Support for this is planned. In the mean time it is suggested that a pop map can be generated using a script that examines the aliases file or user_map for the MTA in use and the system password file.