Obtaining the Source Code

The latest release is available from directory that contains this README file. (here)

kexec-tools.* are symlinks to the corresponding files of latest version.

Release candidates are made available in the testing directory.

The code is released from from the kexec/kexec-tools tree found on The latest development code can be found there.

The canonical site for kexec-tools release is It should also be be available on the extensive network of mirror sites and it is mirrored at just for good measure.

The kexec-tools-testing files in this and child directories are old and may be removed or relocated in the future.


The current maintainer of kexec-tools is Simon Horman who can be contacted at horms at Discussions relating to kexec-tools usually take place on the kexec mailing list, kexec at An archive is available here.


Patches should generally follow the same guidelines as kernel patches. Please send them patches to the kexec mailing list and CC the maintainer.

Simon Horman, 19th July 2008